Scholar Originals 
Embark on a captivating journey as you step into the world of 'Leap,' a short CGI film that transports you to the enchanting realm of ink clouds. 

Driven by a shared passion for creativity, the VFX team at Scholar embarked on an exciting internal project: the creation of a captivating short story. Each artist decided to challenge themselves by venturing into unfamiliar territory, trying on new techniques and roles, and embracing the discomfort that comes with growth. With a positive spirit and a commitment to exploration, 'Leap' came to be! 
"Leap allows you to experience the thrill of traversing through this ethereal tapestry, where vibrant hues seamlessly blend and collide, creating a stunning kaleidoscope of escapism."
"With a positive spirit and a commitment to exploration, we took on different roles and challenges in creating Leap. When exploring in CGI, some of the best bits are getting to play in the programs you know and love and trying on new ones for the first time." 
Character Design
Design & Animation: Scholar
ECD: Will Campbell & Will Johnson 
Creative Director / Director : Dae Kang, Kevin Kolodinsky
Senior Producer: Michael Heil
CG Artists: Matt Berenty, Tim Hayward, Han Hu, Ryan Kaplan, Kevin Kolodinsky, Brice Linane, Olivia Trotter
FX Artist: Tim Hayward
Compositors: Dae Kang, Rachel Moon, Kevin Njoo
Sound Design: Dae Kang

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